The development of the NeuroScience Park

Investor Jan Kelders sr, the municipality of Heusden, the province of Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands) and other parties involved have been working on an ambitious plan for a new science park with respect for flora and fauna in the past two years. This NeuroScience Park will be situated along the A59 motorway to the west of Drunen in The Netherlands. Everything there will be centred around Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Diagnostics (including laboratory research), patient care (including infusion and rehabilitation treatments), scientific research, development and innovation should come together here. The Jeroen Bosch Hospital (JBZ) in Den Bosch will play a central role in the high-quality MS Expertise Centre, which is part of the science park. All kinds of organisations and universities will work together there. Kelders sr is sponsoring the MS Expertise Centre by making it available rent-free for the coming years. Hendriks Bouw & Ontwikkeling hopes to start construction in the third quarter of 2022. From then on, the science park will be filled with medical and medically related companies, all focused on innovations in the field of neurosciences.
Preparations for the start of construction have already begun. 2023 will be used to create a solid basis for the development. The initiators will be advised by partners of the Innovation Area Development Partnership (IADP). They deal with many different issues such as the functional concept, the programme of requirements, accessibility, urban development and landscape design, admission strategy, management and so on.

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