The Innovation Area Development Partnership

Creating thought leadership and offering a unique business proposition!

That’s what this Innovation Area Development Partnership is all about.

The innovation economy requires well-considered, designed and managed physical environments for innovative companies to establish, grow and interact.News Today science parks, industrial innovation parks and innovation districts (places to innovate) cannot be developed primarily from either a real estate angle or a business innovation angle solely.

  • A Multidisciplinary approach and integration of specific expertise is required;
  • There should be a clear market perspective, an appealing
    concept and a long term strategic vision;
  • ‘Soft’ elements like networks, innovation programs, sharing & co-operation initiatives need to be part of the development;
  • An attractive urban space, creativity stimulating work environments and tailored real estate facilitates these ‘soft’ elements;
  • Park management, community management and even serendipity management play a crucial role;
  •  Permanently with an eye on the needs of various stakeholders and shareholders.

Years of experience from all of our eight partners taught us that it can be done, but success doesn’t come easy. It’s all about creating the right balance between these hard and soft elements. And that cannot be achieved by a single consultant, developer or government! That’s why we have established a broad partnership of private partners that focusses on developing successful innovation areas together with all kinds of other public, semi-public and private entities. By bringing our expertise together in a unique, integrated way of working, we are able to make your science park, campus or innovation district a success!

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  • Motivation, here
  • Key trends, here
  • Unique business proposition, here
  • Leading Principles, here


In the Innovation Area Development Partnership the following eight leading companies are represented:

These partners actively cooperate and focus on (re)developing areas of innovation, science parks, industrial innovation parks and modern working environments from a resilient and integrated perspective.

member-of-iasp-jpegThe IADP is associate member of the International
Association of Science Parks and Innovation Areas (IASP).

The representatives for the respective companies in the partnership are:


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