Shaping Areas of Innovation


Today science parks, industrial innovation campuses, and innovation districts are the driving forces in economic development. Managing and creating these kinds of buildings, locations & districts is a complex challenge and asks for an interdisciplinary approach.

Partners and associate partners of IADP are continuously involved and guiding these kinds of developments all over the world. Together we have built an impressive knowledge base by exchanging research and experiences with each other. We also share our knowledge with a larger audience by engaging them in all kind of activities, giving lectures, and writing articles.

Moreover, the IADP partnership offers the combined expertise to support developers, investors, companies, and knowledge institutes and governments that are working on the (re)development of these different types of innovation areas. We can help these companies and institutions by combining expertise in the fields of:

–        Market research, concept development and programming

–        Design and engineering

–        Real estate development, investment and finance

–        Network, ecosystem and community building

–        Management and governance support


IADP is a member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).