We are passionate about innovation areas


Today science and technology parks, industrial innovation areas, and innovation districts are the driving forces in economic development. Managing and creating these kinds of buildings, locations and districts is a complex challenge and require an interdisciplinary approach. Daily, the partners of the Innovation Area Development Partnership (IADP) bridge these social, economic, spatial and managerial aspects. Such an integrated approach is the foundation for developing and managing various innovation areas, whether it is about new build or retrofit.

IADP is, first and foremost, focused on the exchange of knowledge. Partners of IADP continuously guide these developments worldwide, as a consultant, investor, designer or manager. Together we have built an impressive knowledge base by exchanging research and experiences. We like to share this with a broader audience by engaging them in various activities, giving lectures, and writing articles and books. Every year members of IADP participate in the world conference of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP). Furthermore, annually IADP visits a city or region abroad where innovation is highly valued and that acts as an example for developments elsewhere.

Apart from being a knowledge platform, IADP also offers its expertise to various parties involved in the (re)development or management of innovation areas. We support the real estate sector, knowledge institutions, businesses and governments by combining expertise in the fields of:

  • feasibility, market research, concept development and programming;
  • design and engineering area development, real estate, master planning and landscaping;
  • business case, investment and finance;
  • network, ecosystem and community building;
  • management and governance support.

The Innovation Area Development Partnership is an initiative of two founding partners em. prof. dr. Jacques van Dinteren and Paul Jansen MSc.

IADP is a member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).