Our expertise

The IADP is your partner of choice in shaping areas and ecosystems of innovation.

In our opinion, an innovation area has a twofold meaning:

  • A collective name for (in most cases next phase) science & technology parks, industrial campuses and innovation districts.
  • A larger area, often a region, that heavily focuses on innovation.

Developing these kinds of real estate, locations, and areas is much more complicated than developing standard working environments. With our decades of experience, we have learned that a thorough, balanced and successful approach asks for a non-linear, iterative way of working by rearranging and fusing the diverse expertise of our partners.

To successfully design, develop, finance and manage ‘creativity and innovation stimulating’ working environments, attention has to be paid to four dimensions, demonstrated in the scheme below. A comprehensive approach and management are essential preconditions.

A choice for IADP and our mutual expertise means cooperating with world-class experts in this field. We have done it before, know what we are talking about and looking forward to contributing to your unique challenge.

The Innovation Area Development Partnership is an initiative of two founding partners Jacques van Dinteren and Paul Jansen, and continuously being enriched by efforts of all our partners.

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