The Innovation Area Development Partnership is an initiative of two founding partners Jacques van Dinteren (Zjak Consult) and Paul Jansen (Caudata). Both are very experienced in developing industrial, business and multifunctional estates and areas all over the world, including innovation areas.

During their involvement in these developments worldwide they became aware that an integrated, flexible and resilient approach to these developments is crucial for long term success. Moreover, and especially true for innovation areas: these projects cannot be limited to real estate and need soft elements, such as an integrated program of innovation stimulating activities, a stimulating work environment with all kinds of services and activities and good management to bring it all together.

Creating the right balance between these hard and soft elements cannot be done by a single consultant, developer or government. That’s the reason for establishing a broad partnership of private partners that focusses on developing successful innovation areas together with public, semi-public and private entities.

The geographical business focus of IADP is global.

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