The partnership is strategically composed in order to cover all segments of our integrated proposition.

As already explained in our leading principles, the IADP covers all the relevant aspects shown in the diagram below. More importantly: we, as partners, combine the expertise of these different fields. By doing so the urban planner, for example, is involved in the trend analysis and the market researcher will ‘check’ the designer to see if the plan still meets the requirements of the target groups.

The following figure indicates the key service areas of our various partners. The colours mark the focus areas of the partners, sometimes an overlap in service areas is seen, but the core business of all partners differs in such a way, that together we will be able to create the best future value to innovation areas.


Learn more about our different partners (in alphabetical order):

Arup                    Caudata                    Kadans Science Partner                   KCAP

PT Finance                    Royal HaskoningDHV                  UNStudio                    Zjak Consult