The IADP team, a consortium of international design, consultancy, finance and engineering firms who assist initiators of innovation areas all over the world, consists of:

Laurens blArup is an independent global firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services.

IADP-representative of Arup is Laurens Tait. Contact details: / +31 20 305 85 00 or Paul Jansen: / +31 653 57 63 99.

Paul blCaudata provides management services in the field of real estate development, urban economics, resilient cities and science- and innovation centres.

IADP-representative of Caudata is Paul Jansen. Contact details: / +31 653 57 63 99.

Chiel blKadans Science Partner is uniquely familiar with the needs of innovative organizations and how to translate these into high-quality, sustainable facilities on campuses and science parks.

IADP-representative of Kadans Science Partner is Chiel van Dijen. Contact details: / +31 411 625 628.

Bart blSince 1997 Karres en Brands has worked on diverse projects, studies and competitions, both at home and abroad. Their work encompasses every scale of spatial design, from area strategies and infrastructural projects to parks and gardens, and from urban planning assignments to product design.

IADP-representative of Karres en Brands is Bart Brands.  Contact details: / +31 35 642 29 62.

Frank Werner blKCAP Architects&Planners is a office for architecture, urban design and urban  planning, established in Rotterdam (NL), Zürich (CH) and Shanghai (CN). With a multi-disciplinary approach to complex design issues, KCAP has gained extensive experience in large-scale urban design and master planning, waterfront redevelopments, campus design and public transportation hubs.

IADP-representative for KCAP is Frank Werner. Contact details: / +31 10 7890 300.

Josep blauwBased in Barcelona La Salle Technova is one of Europe’s leading incubators. IADP representative from La Salle Technova is Josep Miquel Piqué, expert in innovation ecosystems, open innovation and entrepreneurship. He is the President of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation, works for DG REGIO (European Commission), is member of the Innovation and Competitiveness Policies Team of the United Nations Commission for Europe (UNECE) and has been CEO of the innovation district 22@Barcelona. 

Contact details: / +34 93 290 24 65.

RoyProof of the sum helps knowledge driven organisations to enhance knowledge sharing throughout their facilities. From small scale co-working environment up to complete ecosystems within a campus. Proof of the sum takes care of innovative design concepts, tendering, building and finally getting the last desks in place.

IADP-representative of Proof of the sum is Roy Pype.  Contact details: / +31 624 49 16 66.

Rob blPT Finance provides support in the area of financial and business control  especially with expertise in the fields of real estate and area development, and management of hospitality and service organisations.

IADP-representative of PT Finance is Rob Verhoeff. Contact details: /  +31 6 215 803 92.

Tom blUNStudio is an international architectural design studio specializing in architecture, interior architecture, product design, urban development and infrastructural projects. The office is located in Amsterdam, with two full-service sister offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

IADP-representative of UNStudio is Tom Minderhoud. Contact details: / +31 20 570 20 40.

Jacques van Dinteren 7x10 bl uitvJacques van Dinteren advises governments, real estate industry and companies on the (re)development of urban projects and also takes care of formulating strategies that improve the economic development of cities and regions.

Contact details: / +31 6 82 43 25 14.

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