Developing and managing various types of ‘areas of innovation’ requires involvement from both the private and public sectors. IADP holds a diverse palette of partners, ranging from international design, consultancy, finance and engineering firms to managers and owners of these specific sites and areas. The combination of commercial and non-commercial partners offers a great mix of expertise, skills, experience and networks.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please visit this page with all the details (as the meetings take place in The Netherlands, membership is in essence reserved to consultancies, organisations and institutions located in the Netherlands and Belgium).

The IADP partnership is represented by the following experts:

Jacques van Dinteren, president IADP (Zjak Consult)

Zjak Consult advises governments, the real estate industry and companies on the (re)development of urban projects and also takes care of formulating strategies that improve the economic development of cities and regions. In urban projects, there is a certain emphasis on various types of business estates and multifunctional areas. The office takes a special interest in all kinds of innovation areas. IADP-representative of Zjak Consult is Jacques van Dinteren. Contact details: / +31 682 432 514.

Paul Jansen, vice president IADP (Caudata / Arup)

Caudata provides strategic advice to private and public clients in the field of real estate & area development, urban economics, business resilience and areas of innovation, like science parks, university campuses and innovation districts. The founder of Caudata is Paul Jansen who also represents Arup at IADP. IADP-representative of Caudata is Paul Jansen. Contact details: / +31 653 576 399.

Laurens Tait (Arup)

Arup is an independent global firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services. By our global presence we are involved in the development of numerous real estate and infrastructural projects in areas of innovation. IADP-representatives of Arup are Laurens Tait and Paul Jansen. Contact details: / +31 203 058 500 and Paul Jansen: / +31 653 576 399.

Maurice Horsten (Bossche Investerings Maatschappij)

The Bossche Investerings Maatschappij (BIM) is an important player in the economy of the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands) and its region. They provide suitable accommodation in various themed locations and take care of setting up and developing communities. Here the entrepreneur meets colleagues from the same industry, like the creative sector, food industry, and ICT sector. IADP-representative of NV BIM is Maurice Horsten: / +31 634 743 883.

Erik Veurink (Brainport Industries Campus)

Brainport Industries Campus is the first location where high-tech suppliers not only produce but also innovate together. Using shared knowledge and shared valuable facilities such as flexible production areas, warehouses but also offices. Together, all parties determine the image for national and international customers. The campus is the ideal place of business for technology suppliers in the high-tech manufacturing industry who want to do business, innovate and produce together. IADP-representative of Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) is Erik Veurink. Contact details: / +31 612 998 097

Edward van der Meer (Campus Groningen)

Two locations are managed as one ecosystem for public-private collaboration. This makes Campus Groningen one of the larger significant campuses in the Netherlands with currently 190 companies, three knowledge centres (RUG, UMCG and HG) and more than 45,000 students. IADP-representative of Campus Groningen is Edward van der Meer. Contact details: / +31 503 615 050

Amelia Oei (City of Rotterdam)

In its economic and spatial economic policy, the City of Rotterdam focuses, among others, on the new economy, as it is innovative, sustainable, circular and digital. Rotterdam has a robust innovation ecosystem that manifests itself in numerous innovation areas in the city. Rotterdam supports sectors such as CleanTech, Life Sciences and Health, Food, and Maritime. IADP representative of the City of Rotterdam is Amelia Oei. Contact details: / + 31 610 083 561.

Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel  (City of The Hague)

In The Hague social impact and economic success go hand in hand and innovative solutions are being created to help build a better world. The Hague provides an attractive environment and a wide range of opportunities and services to entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups through its innovation hubs in the Central Innovation District (CID), the Binkhorst and the Scheveningen harbour. Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel is the IADP representative from The Hague: / +31 610 019 830.

Eric Stuiver (Deerns)

Deerns is committed to contributing to a healthy, safe and sustainable living environment. With ~500 specialists worldwide in the field of technical infrastructure for buildings and high-tech facilities, Deerns is truly an international firm. From programming to design to implementation and aftercare: Deerns brings concepts to life. Eric Stuiver is Deerns’ IADP-representative: / +31 622 482 133

Roger van Hoesel (Food Mountain)

Food Mountain works on a more sustainable, more inclusive and healthier food system. Global food chains will have to become more sustainable, more inclusive and healthier. Food Mountain supports companies in finding effective partnerships in the most suitable ecosystems and formulating an ecosystem strategy that guarantees optimal results for the company. IADP-representative of Food Mountain is Roger van Hoesel. Contact details: / +31 630 041 2 57.

Marjolein Brasz (Foodvalley NL)

Foodvalley NL is the primary knowledge-intensive agrifood ecosystem in Wageningen, The Netherlands. This ecosystem offers a platform of resources and opportunities to an (inter)national business network to accelerate innovation and market introduction. And to attract potential partners and investors, thereby stimulating the economy and realising ambitions in the region and far beyond. IADP representative of Foodvalley is Marjolein Brasz. Contact details: / +31 317 427 095 | +31 685 220 281

Han Wiendels (HMO)

HMO works together with municipalities and entrepreneurs on modern, well-functioning business areas in the Dutch province of Overijssel through research, advice and investment. Areas of innovation occupy a special place in this, such as Kennispark Twente (high tech), S/park (chemical sector), Polymer Science Park (plastics technology), and the High Tech Systems Park (HTSP). Han Wiendels is HMO’s IADP-representative: / +31 653 219 122.

Tom Straeter (Kadans Science Partner)

Kadans Science Partner is uniquely familiar with the needs of innovative organisations and how to translate these into high-quality, sustainable facilities on campuses and science parks. By offering tailor-made solutions and providing access to innovation ecosystems, Kadans optimizes the success of its tenants and stimulates innovation. IADP-representative of Kadans Science Partner is Tom Straeter. Contact details: / +31 411 625 625.

Bart Brands (Karres en Brands)

Since 1997 Karres en Brands has worked on diverse projects, studies and competitions, both at home and abroad. Their work encompasses every scale of spatial design, from area strategies and infrastructural projects to parks and gardens, and from urban planning assignments to product design. IADP-representative of Karres en Brands is Bart Brands.  Contact details: / +31 356 422 962.

Frank Werner (KCAP)

KCAP Architects&Planners is an office for architecture, urban design and urban planning, established in Rotterdam (NL), Zürich (CH) and Shanghai (CN). With a multi-disciplinary approach to complex design issues, KCAP has gained extensive experience in large-scale urban design and master planning, waterfront redevelopments, campus design and public transportation hubs. IADP-representative for KCAP is Frank Werner. Contact details: / +31 107 890 300.

Bert Krikke (Novio Tech Campus)

Knowledge, business and innovation come together at Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). The underlying philosophy: sharing knowledge for growth. Novio Tech Campus connects entrepreneurs to the expertise, facilities and (inter)national networks of companies and knowledge institutions. Also, the campus offers state-of-the-art research infrastructure and accommodation for entrepreneurs and researchers in Health and High Tech. IADP representative of the Novio Tech Campus is Bert Krikke. Contact details: /
+31 653 763 039

Martin le Loux (Poonawalla Science Park BV)

At the Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven (USPB) in The Netherlands various companies and organisations in the field of life sciences and biotechnology are located. The coming years will see a major transformation of the park once the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) moves to the nearby Utrecht Science Park. This will offer plenty of room for new developments and a rearrangement of the current users of the park. Poonawalla Science Park BV is the owner and manager of USPB since 2016. The employees of Poonawalla Science Park have specific knowledge about the park, the infrastructure, the buildings, laboratories and clean rooms. IADP-representative of Poonawalla Science Park BV is Martin le Loux : / +31 652 524 420

Daniël Mutsaers (PT/F2Connect)

The professionals of PT/F2Connect act as knowledge partners and connectors. We help clients improve business, organizational and financial processes. Within PT, the F2Connect label stands for strategic advice, elaboration and implementation of complete facility & hospitality service concepts. We believe that facility and hospitality services make a difference. IADP-representative of PT/F2Connect is Daniël Mutsaers. Contact details: / +31 621 580 395.

Josep Miquel Piqué (La Salle Technova)

Based in Barcelona La Salle Technova is one of Europe’s leading incubators. IADP representative from La Salle Technova is Josep Miquel Piqué, an expert in innovation ecosystems, open innovation and entrepreneurship. He has been CEO of the innovation district 22@Barcelona and president of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP). Contact details: / +34 932 902 465.

Roy Pype (Proof of the sum)

Proof of the sum helps knowledge-driven organisations to enhance knowledge sharing throughout their facilities, from small scale co-working environments up to complete ecosystems within a campus. Proof of the sum takes care of innovative design concepts, tendering, building and finally getting the last desks in place. IADP-representative of Proof of the sum is Roy Pype.  Contact details: / +31 624 491 666.

Dion Sluijsmans (Province of North-Brabant)

Noord-Brabant (English: North Brabant) is a province of the Netherlands. North Brabant invests in innovation, by supporting campuses and work locations for innovative firms and organisations. The focus is on food & nutrition, life sciences & medical technology, maintenance, high-tech manufacturing industry and biobased economy. Brainport Industries CampusAutomotive CampusPivot ParkMetalot and Green Chemistry Campus are well-known cases. For a full overview, see map. IADP representative of Province North-Brabant is Dion Sluijsmans. Contact details: / +31 627 745 161

Ellis ten Dam (Royal HaskoningDHV)

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent international engineering consultancy that is leading the way in sustainable development and innovation. Operating globally, the organisation is involved in vital activities for the smooth functioning of society across public and private sectors. Key themes for discussions with all partners of IADP include cocreation on campus level, cooperation between public and private organisations and knowledge institutes, sustainability and the energy transition – from regional levels to estate portfolios and individual buildings. IADP-representatives of Royal HaskoningDHV are Ellis ten Dam and Floortje Jansen: / + 31 6 53 31 92 60 and / + 31 6 27 61 86 39

Pieter van der Horst (Schiphol Area Development Company – SADC)

SADC (Schiphol Area Development Company N.V.) develops high quality, accessible, (inter)nationally competitive business locations in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. SADC was established in 1987 by public and private sector parties eager to utilise the economic potential of the city and airport by joining forces and hence to strengthen the region’s competitive position both domestically and internationally. IADP representative of Schiphol Area Development Company is Pieter van der Horst. Contact details: / +31 682 228 460.

Oscar Arenz (Strukton Worksphere)

Strukton Worksphere is active in environments in which technology makes a difference. They use data-driven methods and expertise to design, create and maintain healthy, sustainable and comfortable buildings and environments for Science-, Innovation- and Industrial manufacturing facilities. The point of departure for everything Strukton does is the users’ needs, as well as the client’s business process, always aiming for tight and long-term relationships with their clients. IADP representative of Strukton Worksphere is Oscar Arenz. Contact details: / +31 611 245 159

Tom Minderhoud (UNStudio)

UNStudio is an international architectural design studio specializing in architecture, interior architecture, product design, urban development and infrastructural projects. The office is located in Amsterdam, with two full-service sister offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong. IADP-representative of UNStudio is Tom Minderhoud. Contact details: / +31 205 702 040.

Jan Henk van der Velden (Utrecht Science Park)

Utrecht Science Park brings competencies from business, industry and academia together to design and create healthier, safer and more sustainable cities for today and subsequent generations. The core competencies are combined into strategic themes in the domains of Life Sciences & Health, Sustainability, and Applied Gaming to support this ambition. IADP representative of the Utrecht Science Park is Jan Henk van der Velden. Contact details: / +31 308 004 490

Rogier van Keulen en Wiebe Daalderop (VKZ)

VKZ is the expert and pragmatic partner in complex spatial and real estate developments. Science
campuses are thereby part of our expertise. We are in the Dutch top 10 consultancy agencies in
spatial development. Our daily work consists of (re)developing, (re)constructing buildings and making inventories of complete real estate portfolios. We strive for the highest attainable goal for our clients. Not only for today, but also for the sustainable future. IADP representatives of VKZ are Rogier van Keulen (director/owner of VKZ) and Wiebe Daalderop (director/owner of VKZ) Contact details: T +31 30 251 74 76 or by mail and

Brigitte Drees (Pivot Park)

Pivot Life Science Park (Oss, The Netherlands) offers companies a high-end pharma R&D infrastructure. When working at Pivot Park, you are automatically part of an active, innovative pharma R&D community, which acts as a hub to an even more extensive international network and contributes to a healthy society. IADP-representative of Pivot Park is Brigitte Drees. Contact details: / +31 621 613 066.

Kristie Lamers (RvN@)

The RvN@ movement is creating experimental collaboration space for companies, government agencies and educational institutes in the region Rijk van Nijmegen (The Netherlands). In this ecosystem, the participants are working in communities on solutions for social challenges and entrepreneurial issues. RvN@ focuses on industry and sector crossovers on the domains: smart & IT, circular economy, health &food, and innovative entrepreneurship. IADP representative of RvN@ is Kristie Lamers. Contact details: / +31 648 386 780

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