29-09-2020 Mobility at Utrecht Science Park

An innovative look at mobility and collaboration with the city & region keep Utrecht Science Park accessible and safe as students and companies begin to return to the site after six months of COVID imposed remote working – read more:

29-09-2020 The innovation multipliers of international collaboration for cities and subnational governments

This research report by NESTA reviews the innovation benefits for cities and subnational governments of international collaboration. It explores how cities and subnational governments (SNGs) can improve their capabilities and capacity for innovation by expanding their networks internationally. Based on a literature review, case studies from across the globe and interviews with experts in the field, this research presents an overview of the history of international collaboration between cities and SNGs, the current picture and the potential for these partnerships as a source of innovation. It provides insights, models and recommendations both for UK cities and SNGs, and those around the world.

  • Findings:
  • There are considerable opportunities for boosting innovation through more effective international collaboration at an SNG level – particularly in the COVID-19 era.
  • In recent decades, subnational international collaboration networks have become more widespread, more complex and have utilised a wider range of collaboration mechanisms.
  • For cities and SNGs seeking to maximise innovation from an international collaboration, the landscape is very complicated, and there has been little guidance on process or benefits.
  • Picking the right international collaboration opportunity to ensure the maximum benefit to an SNG’s innovation capability requires a clear understanding of the fast-moving landscape, as well as the choices and opportunity costs, and the future value proposition.
  • The opportunity for international collaboration isn’t just for major cities, there are effective ways of participating for second and third tier cities as well as regions and devolved nations too.
24-09-2020 Proof of the sum contributes to the future of Pivot Park

Pivot Park (Oss, The Netherlands) is a life sciences campus with a strong focus on pharmaceutical innovation. The campus is a breeding ground that connects knowledge and experience between established companies, start-ups and spin-outs. Proof of the sum gives shape to the rapid development of Pivot Park. Both as one of the authors of the master plan and in the role of architect for the first two new-build projects.

Together with VKZ BV and MTD Landschapsarchitecten the master plan for Pivot Park has been developed. The plan makes room for a large number of new-build projects on the campus in the Municipality of Oss. The design themes are ‘connection’, ‘sharing’ and ‘excellence’.

Within this new master plan, two new building projects are currently being worked on: Grizzly and Panther. With Grizzly, an over 10,000m2 new collection building is being realised. The building will provide office and laboratory space for scale-ups and growing companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Panther will be a new building project for a single basic user. The 3,500 m2 building will house cleanrooms, laboratories and offices.

17-09-2020 How to successfully share your lab facilities?

After a summer break of a few weeks, Kadans Connected is back! During the webinar on how to successfully share your lab facilities, our partner Clustermarket elaborated on the challenges researchers and scientist are facing while sharing their lab facilities. The Kadans Connected webinars and providing access to shared lab facilities are two of the many ecosystem services Kadans is offering to its tenants in order to make them as innovative and successful as possible. You are invited to watch the replay and to get insights of the barriers that knowledge and research institutions have around resource sharing. Click here to watch the replay:

15-09-2020 Utrecht Science Park: a flourishing & innovative ecosystem

Friso Smit, New Business Development Manager of Utrecht Science Park, emphasizes Utrecht Science Park’s important role in the region and The Netherlands where knowledge and high-end technology can accelerate. Would you like to know more about the innovative ecosystem at Utrecht Science Park? Read the deep-dive Q&A via

02-09-2020 Global Innovation Index 2020

These are the World’s Most Innovative Countries – Global Innovation Index 2020. An overview of the key findings of the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020. Published on September 2, 2020, the GII 2020 ranks the innovation performance of 131 countries.
Quick overview:

01-09-2020 Campus Community Fund invests 500 million euros in Campus Groningen (The Netherlands)

Investing together in one ecosystem to achieve more impact. “That’s why a Campus Community Fund is important”, as confirmed by Wiebe Draijer, chairman of the Managing Board Rabobank and Koen Schuiling, mayor of Groningen. Together they have launched the Campus Community Fund on Tuesday September 1st. This financial platform acts as an instrument to transform the available knowledge and skills on Campus Groningen, and in the region, more effectively into important innovations.
“The ambitions of and for Campus Groningen are big. The five-year strategic plan of the Campus aims at significant developments. With the Campus Community Fund we will structure ‘tomorrow’s capital’ jointly”, says Henk Snapper (Executive Board, UMCG).
“I am proud of our collective wish to let our fast-growing Campus shine and develop it further. The development of Campus Groningen is teamwork and an interplay of all kinds of components. We don’t look at the separate elements; we look at the whole ecosystem ”, says Edward van der Meer, director Campus Groningen.
More information can be found here:

31-08-2020 – Atlas of innovation districts (USA)

Aretian has developed a first-of-its-kind systematic study of 50 notable Innovation Districts in the United States: their specialization, economic impact, as well as the characteristics of the urban ecosystems that welcome and enhance them. More information:

26-08-2020 – Foodvalley Summit

Do you already have a ticket for the Foodvalley Summits special edition on 13 & 14 October 2020? Breaking news, talk shows, top stories, and excellent networking and exposure opportunities on Protein Shift, Food & Health and Circular Agrifood. Buy your ticket now:

24-08-2020 – IADP is now followed by more than 1000 members of LinkedIn

Join the followers via this link: Partners and associate partners of IADP are continuously involved and guiding the development of areas of innovations, such as science parks, campuses and Innovation districts. Together we have built an impressive knowledge base by exchanging research and experiences with each other. We also share our knowledge with a larger audience by engaging them to all kind of activities, giving lectures and writing articles. Moreover, the IADP partnership offers the combined expertise to support developers, investors, companies and knowledge institutes and governments that are working on the (re)development of these different types of innovation areas. IADP is a member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).

17-08-2020 – What does a campus of the future look like?

Take a peek at our competition design for the University College Dublin’s Future Campus: a ‘Marketplace of Innovation’ where students, faculty staff and local Dubliners can learn, collaborate and co-create. Designed to be a destination for learning, culture and commerce, it’s intended to be a green space of engagement where ideas can flow and flourish. For more information on the design, follow the link:

15-08-2020 – Sharing your lab facilities

Are you interested in sharing your lab facilities and make them available for other researchers, scientists and organizations? But are you also facing some challenges in doing so? Join the next Kadans Connected webinar, organized in cooperation with Kadans Science Partner partner’s Clustermarket and learn how to share your lab facilities in a successful way.
For more information and registration, please check the website:

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