Singapore University of Technology and Design – Technology and Design Campus

Leading IADP-Partner UNStudio.

Designed by IADP-Partner UNStudio and DP Architects, the academic campus for the Singapore University of Technology and Design reflects an in-depth understanding of the changing requirements of learning institutions today. Connectivity, collaboration, co-creation, innovation and sociality are at the basis of UNStudio’s design thinking on New Campuses, Science Parks and Innovation Districts.

Ben van Berkel: “The design for the SUTD consciously avoids over-articulation and instead focusses on infrastructural qualities, on connectivity and the creation of an open, transparent and light facility that responds to the requirements of the contemporary campus.”

The SUTD offers four key academic pillars: Architecture and Sustainable Design, Engineering Product Development, Engineering Systems and Design and Information Systems Technology and Design. The SUTD is a driver of technological innovation and economic growth, with the new campus bringing together people, ideas and innovation. The new academic campus directly reflects SUTD’s curriculum, using the creative enterprise of the school to facilitate a cross-disciplinary interface between education and business. The design offers an opportunity to embrace innovation and creativity through a non-linear connective relationship between students, faculty and professionals.

The design for the SUTD campus achieved the highest Green Mark rating (Platinum) available in Singapore.

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