The future of Novio Tech Campus

The new management team of the Novio Tech Campus (Nijmegen) spent three days discussing future development opportunities for this still relatively young campus. Expansion of land ownership and municipal plans for restructuring the adjacent area create unique opportunities for further growth and strengthening its social-economic profile. According to Bert Krikke, CEO of the Novio Tech Campus, investments are badly needed: “In its current state, it is difficult for existing companies to grow and for new companies to establish themselves. A key aspect of the ongoing development is to retain regional employment and the linkage between talent and companies. Strengthening the community, with catering, a conference centre and other facilities is part of the plans.” The guidance of this process was prepared and supported by Paul Jansen and Jacques van Dinteren, both founders of Innovation Area Development Partnership (IADP). Active stewardship by the management team of the Novio Tech Campus will enable a strong socio-economic basis for the transformation of the entire Winkelsteegh district. IADP is in discussions with other science parks/campuses about setting up similar sessions.

Novio Tech Campus, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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