Zjak Consult

Zjak Consult advises governments, the real estate industry and companies on the (re)development of urban projects. Also, it takes care of formulating strategies that improve the economic development of cities and regions. In urban projects, there is a certain emphasis on various types of business estates and multifunctional areas.

The office specialises in innovation areas: science parks, industrial innovation parks and innovation districts. Founder em. prof. dr. Jacques van Dinteren has specific expertise in this field and – among others – has been working on the High Tech Automotive Campus (Eindhoven Region, The Netherlands), the Novio Tech Campus (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), the High Tech Campus in Aman (Jordan), the DSM Biotech Campus (Delft, The Netherlands), the Ghent Science Park (Ghent, Belgium) and the Utrecht Science Park (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Zjak Consult also analysed the real estate portfolios of the major Dutch Science Parks (in cooperation with Caudata), researched companies in science parks and their functioning, and explored investment opportunities in R&D real estate.

The IADP-representative of Zjak Consult is Jacques van Dinteren.

Contactdetails: zjak.consult@gmail.com / +31 (0) 6 82 43 25 14

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