This special mini-series is a co-production of Kadans Science Partner and the Innovation Area Development Partnership (IADP).

Campus development #1: How to build a strong ecosystem

This special mini-series about campus development is part of ‘Building the Future’. In this first episode, we focus on ecosystems. Specifically, how to build a strong ecosystem. Developing campuses is way more than bricks and mortar: building a strong community requires time and effort from all parties involved. We learn about the different forms and definitions of innovation ecosystems and the value of strong collaborations. We also discuss how Kadans, together with its partners, puts this all into practice in the new Plus Ultra Leiden building at Leiden Bio Science Park.

Host Rudy van Beurden discusses this topic together with three guests: Gwen van Overbeke (Governance, Communication & Branding Manager at Leiden Bio Science Park), Paul Jansen (Vice president of Innovation Area Development Partnership (IADP)) and Tom Straeter (Senior Ecosystem Manager at Kadans Science Partner).

Listen now: https://lnkd.in/eFTqm-dj

Campus development #2: the impact on societal changes

In this second episode, we will discuss the impact of campuses and science parks, focusing on societal and economic impact: why is it important? And what is needed to create impact? How can campus management organizations measure and prove their impact? Campus Groningen is a great example, and Edward Van Der Meer (director of Campus Groningen) will elaborate on their vision, and the lessons learned so far. Jacques van Dinteren (president of IADP) and Tom Straeter (Senior Ecosystem Manager at Kadans) join host Rudy van Beurden at the table.

Listen here: https://lnkd.in/eYCzRyFf

Campus Development #3: the most successful governance model

In this episode, we’ll talk about various governance models. We try to find out what model is most successful, using the innovation centre At the Park Rijswijk as an example. In addition, we learn why private and commercial investors are crucial for the success of campus development and the importance of strong public and private Partnerships. Host Rudy van Beurden discusses this topic with Armand van de Laar (Alderman at the Municipality of Rijswijk), Jacques van Dinteren Jacques van Dinteren (President of Innovation Area Development Partnership (IADP)) and Michel Leemhuis (CEO of Kadans Science Partner).

Listen now: https://lnkd.in/e5zsV4rd

Campus development #4: the future of innovation areas

This special mini-series about campus development is part of “Building the Future”. In this last episode, we’ll talk about the future of innovation areas. We look at an interesting example: Canary Wharf in East London. Kadans Science Partner and Canary Wharf Group have formed a joint venture to develop a new 750,000 sq ft GIA life-science-focused, wet lab-enabled building at Canary Wharf in London. The development will be the first phase in the creation of a world leading centre for health and life sciences on the 3.3 hectare North Quay site next to the new Elizabeth Line underground station. With our guests, we discuss the importance of physical interactions and proximity, and ideas regarding future developments of such areas.

Host Rudy van Beurden discusses this topic together with Jinjie Wang (Associate Director Canary Wharf Group), James Sheppard (Managing Director UK and Ireland of Kadans Science Partner) and Paul Jansen (Vice president of IADP).

Listen here: https://lnkd.in/ejzgtBtd

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