IADP yearly autumn meeting; once again a great success!

On November 9th 2021 IADP organized its annual Autumn Meeting. We were very happy that despite Corona restrictions, together with about twenty-five partners we gathered and exchanged ideas in person. Tom Straeter of Kadans Science Partner, who hosted the meeting, shared the developments of Kadans Science Partner.
The meeting took place in the recently-opened Plus Ultra II building at the Wageningen Campus (The Netherlands). A very impressive building designed by Roy Pype (Proof of the sum), who talked about the design principles, aimed at promoting interaction. Marjolein Brasz (Foodvalley) shared her experiences with the building in her role as tenant. 
Jacques van Dinteren (IADP) highlighted some insights form a large number of global developments in the field of areas of innovation. Rikus Wolbers (Oost NL) looked back on his years as director of the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and told the audience about the do’s and don’ts of managing such an innovation area. The newly established campus community fund of Campus Groningen was explained by Annet de Vree and Ronald Hesse. Finally we went for a tour in the two Plus Ultra buildings and finished the successful afternoon with informal drinks. What a pleasure to finally meet each other again in person!
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