Triango, Paris, France

Leading IADP-partner: Karres en Brands.

Interaction between building and environment offers new possibilities for work, recreation and nature

Triango is the winning proposal for a new type of office area, one that is lively and diverse, functional, but at the same time, ambitious and experimental—where sustainability is promoted in every sense of the word. Not only is Triango an anchor in the development of the Triangle de Gonesse, but it also serves as a reference for the type of office area we aim to create. Through the combination of nature, sport and work, Triango generates a new range of possibilities, creating space for the known, new and unexpected.

TRIANGO 001_credit_RAU_Karres en Brands_SeARCH

Triango is our vision for a new way of working: an office area that is not defined by iconic buildings but rather by high-quality public space. The interaction between buildings and environment offers new possibilities for work, sport, recreation, and of course, nature. Just as natural elements are defined by their links with different molecules, the park is strengthened by its public space and inter-building connections. Rather than fighting iconic architecture, Triango seeks synergy. Triango — a subtle icon.

Triango is a vision by a team of architects and designers led by RAU, Karres en Brands, SeARCH and including Atelier Philéas, Lateral Thinking Factory, BIGH and Studio Beyond. The 15ha project is a state of the art example of circular economy and aims to realize 167.000m2 modular offices, incubators, ateliers around a central park.

TRIANGO 003_credit_RAU_Karres en Brands_SeARCH
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