LabCampus Airsite West Munich, Germany

IADP-partner: KCAP

The idea of the ‘LabCampus’ stands for the synergy between the laboratory as a place of creative experimentation and the campus as a high-quality and pedestrian-friendly environment.

The LabCampus Airsite West aims to be an attractive working environment that is diverse, flexible and always in transformation. The proto-urban character is expressed in the skilful integration of urban qualities in a commercial working environment. As in an urban environment, high-end, experimental and temporary buildings and uses can co-exist. The LabCampus will be a cross-company and cross-sector innovation centre on the airport campus.

North of the Zentralallee, the four clusters of the LabCampus shape the image of the airport and define the entrance to the airport. The four compact clusters leave generous place for the airport’s characteristic landscape. In an east-west direction, a central public spine, the ‘Isarboulevard’, crosses the north-south-oriented strips, creating six to eight building plots, depending on the cluster. From the first development steps the Isarboulevard will be preconfigured to transform over time to its final shape, thus being both symbol and witness of the experimental identity of the LabCampus.

In addition to the public transport, a diverse and sophisticated offer of innovative micro mobility will ensure confortable and sustainable mouvements to enable a drastic the reduction of car-use over time.

Program 26 ha masterplan for ca. 500.000 m2 GFA of landside development at Munich Airport with offices, prototyping/testing spaces, corporate and brand showrooms, hotels, long-stay hotels, entertainment, lifestyle, sport and gastronomy

Participating parties Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur, Mlab Mobility ThinkLab

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