Media Park 2030 – Hilversum, the Netherlands

IADP-partner: UNStudio

Hilversum Media Park 2030 – a new social ecosystem where innovation is a spectacle and culture is the heart of the community.

Our urban vision for the Hilversum Media Park offers a roadmap for the transformation into a vibrant and leading destination for future media content creation. Once only created by professionals in high-tech facilities far removed from the public eye, today media content is produced and consumed by everybody, everywhere. New technologies have created abundant new possibilities for media creation and consumption. To address with this change, our vision for the new Hilversum Media Park adapts to this evolving media environment, and attracts top-tier young talent to ensure its continued success.

Mediapark 1

The urban vision includes potential programmatic, spatial and infrastructural development models that will fully prepare the Hilversum Media Park for the future. In this vision, phased transformation of existing areas, as well as new interventions, respond to the already present shifts in the media landscape, while short and long-term strategies for future scenarios offer solutions for those that have yet to occur.

With these goals in mind UNStudio’s vision proposes pillars of growth for the park, centering on public interfaces, technology, a vibrant community, healthy environments, and of course, building a new industry hotspot. These are the keystones of a sustainable the urban vision which will evolve the Media Park into a successful and thriving destination for the future.

Mediapark 2
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