Caudata, established in 2015, provides management services in the field of real estate development, urban economics, resilient cities and science- and innovation centres. As well as strategic business development services to companies on the other hand.

Creating resilience to urban areas and companies is key!

Continuously adapting to change is key to any organisation or company in order to become more robust and future proof. Innovation and business development are often seen as golden tickets to success. Nevertheless, without a proper strategic embedding, a company-wide willingness and capacity to change, it won’t work.

Surprisingly this not only counts for companies, but also for cities and regions. Is the realisation of science, tech and innovation centres the answer to become a resilient city? Or should it be about the addition of adaptive principles to a comprehensive strategy, that includes various urban systems, with a vital economy as strong foundation?

Learn more about Caudata here (Dutch language only).


IADP-representative of Caudata is Paul Jansen

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