Developing an innovation area is more complex than standard industrial and business locations. A thorough and careful approach to developing inspiring innovation areas asks for a non-linear, iterative way of working by rearranging and fusing the different competences of our partners in the planning process.

The Innovation Area Development Partnership (IADP) has the combined expertise for market analysis, concept development, planning, designing, (re)developing, managing and financing. The member companies are highly respected, internationally working consultancy and engineering firms, architects, financial consultants and investors. Our partnership has an impressive track record for innovation areas.

A successful innovation area project stands on a firm foundation that consists of implementing all aspects of a sound development plan and approaching them in an integrated, well-balanced way. This demands a broad basis in which all aspects are weighted against each other in an integrated approach by an interdisciplinary team. The focus has to be – among others – on environment and sustainability, target groups and their requirements, traffic, built environment, etc. Far too often, these different aspects are isolated parts of the process.

For ease of description let us focus on market research, concept development and urban design. The developer or government agency supplies the market researchers with a set of questions based on their principles, their ideas and ambitions. Working from the idea of an integration of disciplines the urban planner, for example, will already be involved in the trend analysis. Later on the market researcher will ‘check’ the designer to see if the plan still meets the requirements of the target groups (see figure below). Such a team of experts will work together and share ideas right from the start and will advise and research, or analyse different aspects. By bringing all the relevant aspects together no time is lost, information is exchanged and cooperation and discussions will result in a better product. And all this can be done in less time and at lower cost.


An interdisciplinary approach says a lot about the development process, but nothing about which principles should be leading.Learn more about the leading principles of our proposition.

A choice for IADP and the expertise of the combined partners means choosing a cooperation with world class experts in this field. We have done it before and are convinced that it will be an excellent start to your unique innovative development. Interested in what our approach can and will mean to you? Contact us here.